Transfer window slams shut till 1st January

Well the transfer window is now shut until the New Year and like parents whose ADHD addled kids have just been to their first ever late night party, guzzling fizzy pop and eating sweets made from pure sugar and carcinogenic additives, chairmen up and down the country (although these days we’re not sure which country) are trying to work out what the hell happened last night and why they appear to have a crumpled fax claiming that they’ve bought a Belgian international midfielder that no-one has heard of for £15million.

Here’s my view on some of the big tranfers;
Berbatov, Spurs to Man.Utd for £30.5million (plus Frazier Campbell on loan for a season) – This means that the strike partnership that scored the goals to lift Spurs to the giddy heights of 11th place last season have been sold for a combined total of £52million! Madness! At least the saga is finally over and congratulations must go to Man.City for making a late bid to disrupt the deal and force Sir Ferg to pay an extra few million for the sulky Bulgar.
Robinho, Real Madrid to Man.City for £34million – Sorry but this is a joke isn’t it? It’s wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Firstly is Robinho worth anywhere near this kind of fee? This is a player who’s struggled to get a game for a fairly ordinary Real Madrid side and with the re-signing of Shaun Wright-Philips, means that City can now boast the shortest pair of wide players in the Premier League. Still they stole him from under the nose of Chelsea and have possibly pissed Abramovitch off so it’s not all bad. Secondly do Man.City actually have the funds to pay for this transfer? Have the Abu Dabi group paid for him out of their own pockets, if so who actually owns his registration? No-one saw this one coming and it just shows how mental football is right now.
Fellaini, Standard Liège to Everton for £15million – Who? Everton have, presumably, broken their record fee to buy a player who looked ‘quite good’ in the Champions League qualifiers against scouse rivals, Liverpool. For God’s sake he’s BELGIAN! Belgium haven’t produced a decent player since Frankie Van Der Elst in the early ’80’s!
Xisco, Deportivo La Coruna to Newcastle for £5.6million – Do the words “Albert” and “Luque” not mean anything to the management at Newcastle? Still at least he’ll prove a headline writers dream if he scores with variations on “Let’s all have a Xisco”, “Xisco Dancing”, etc.
Danny Higginbotham and Tom Soares to Stoke – The Potters continue their plan to buy a team to try to get promotion back into the Premier League next season.
Daniel Cousin, Rangers to Hull for £1.5million – A relatively low cost desperation buy, although let’s face it he has to be better than Dean Windass doesn’t he?
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One Comment on “Transfer window slams shut till 1st January”

  1. Paul Grech Says:

    You know what, I didn’t know that Stoke had signed Tom Soares. Good player.

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