Capello critisises Joe Cole for "tactical indiscipline"

Despite scoring both goals in England’s crushing of the dangerous minnows, Andorra, and potentially saving the Italian’s blushes in Capello’s first ever competitive match in charge of the ‘Three Lions’, the England coach has hit out at Joe Cole’s tactical naïvety, lack of discipline and unpredictable outbursts of footballing skill, claiming that this is certainly not what he expects or wants from an English footballer.

In an interview with the Irish owned, Carlos Santana sports channel, Capello claimed that he had been happy with the way that the first half had gone but unfortunately had to change things around when he had a sudden moment of lucidity and realised that Stuart Downing was, in fact, a Middlesbrough player and consequently, a bit shite.
“I brought Joey on in order to shore up the midfield and prevent the dangerous Andorran postman from breaking down the wing and potentially making John Terry look like a leaden footed, clumsy oaf, which could’ve been disastrous for morale. Who knows how the feeble minded Chelsea stopper would’ve coped? It may’ve made him cry like a girl.” Capello said with the aid of a translator.
“Joey is a fantastic player and despite looking slightly retarded, he is clearly one of England’s most creative players, but at international level this is not enough. I don’t want players out there who can dribble around the opposition with their, ow you say, ‘fancydannery’, I want ‘meat and potatoes’ players who can lump the ball into the opposition box for Emile Heskey to halfheartedly try to win before falling over. The last thing I want to do is introduce a supremely talented and creative attacking player who will make the rest of the team realise how crap they actually are, it is not good for team spirit and until Cole realises this he will not earn a place in my starting line up. Yes, he may have ‘saved my bacon’ and helped to avoid the embarrassment of a 0-0 draw with a team 157th in the FIFA ranking but in all my years as a coach I have never put up with players showing ingenuity, guile or spontaneity, these have no place in modern football. ” he continued.
He went on to praise Wayne Rooney for eliminating those elements from his game and becoming a much more tactically useful one-dimensional footballer, something that England clearly need more of, the £6million per year coach claimed.
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