West Ham admit that their players had just come back from a charity fun run

In a post match interview after West Ham’s 3-1 win over troubled Newcastle United, new coach Gianfranco Zola put the Hammers performance down to the fact that he had sent them out on a fun run on the morning of the match.

The entire squad had participated in the Newham 10k ‘Run for your life’, which involved runners legging it from Canning Town to Green Street whilst attempting to avoid BNP activists, muggers and gangs of surly youths hanging around outside the numerous fried chicken restaurants. The team are believed to have raised several pounds in sponsorship for needy cockney street urchins.
“As you could see from the players shirts” explained the hugely popular, pocket sized, Italian troglodyte, “we hadn’t even had time to remove their fun run numbers, but despite this, they were energised and able to run rings around the Newcastle team and, indeed, it was they who looked as though they had been forced to run a marathon before the match”. 
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