FIFA approves English team to lose on penalties in the Olympics


FIFA Overlord Sepp Blatter

FIFA Overlord Sepp Blatter

The head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, yesterday made a proclamation from his underground fortress in Geneva, allowing a representative English team to compete in the 2012 London Olympics on behalf of Great Britain.

This has ended the fears of the many administrators of the 4 home nation FAs that their days of jetting around the world for pointless junkets would come to an end and has paved the way for a team made up of all the English players who can’t really get a game for the proper national team to have a run out against the crack Under ’23 teams from Brazil and Nigeria.

Titus Bramble, Darren Bent and Kieron Richardson have all expressed interest in playing for an Olympic team providing it doesn’t clash with their holidaying and sexual adventures in Magaluf.

At the moment it’s not known who will pick and coach ‘Team NotGB’ with the British Olympic Commitee stressing that the candidate will need to be ‘a successful English coach with a good track record at international level’ which confused experts have taken to mean Roy Hodgson.

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2 Comments on “FIFA approves English team to lose on penalties in the Olympics”

  1. Hi,

    My name is Mani and I the CEO of Footbo. Funny article. Especially for me as a German. I was interested in a Link Exchange with you guys.


  2. Tony Cowards Says:

    Hi Mani, will link Footbo in my blogroll, cheers, TC

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