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Steve McClaren becomes a Dutch master overnight

August 14, 2008

Ex-England coach and new manager of high flying Dutch side, FC Twente, has attributed his incredible ability to master  the Dutch language to watching DVDs of the two Dutch policemen characters created by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse in their hit BBC comedy show and to watching those annoying  Grölsh adverts.
In an interview with the Netherlands top sport channel, “Red Hot and Dutch”, McClaren, wearing a striking bright orange PVC suit and giant doobie in hand, said “I am coming to your countries, Holland, to immersh myselfs into your cultures, to experience a new vay of lifes, to broaden my horishonsh and to learn how to play ze, ow you say, shexy footballs. FC Twentes, Arshnal, the Championsh Leagues, zees are ze thingsh that I wanted to experience in ze Nederlands, zees is a dream come true, shexy dreams, footballs, goalsh. Of course ve are zee underdogsh but, hey, you never knowsh, perhapsh we could win the gamesh over zee two legsh and if we don’ts then, hey, this is a very liberals country, we just kicks back and enjoys ourshelves.”
Later when asked about whether his FC Twente team could challenge the Big Three (PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord) for the Eeriedivision, McClaren quickly interrupted saying “Schtopp, schtopp, zis football teams ish clearly not ready yet!”